The FARO-EU project

FARO-EU (Foresight Analysis of Rural areas Of Europe) was a EU FP6 Specific Targeted Research Project, with a two year duration (Jan 2007-Dec 2009).

The main questions to be answered in the project were:
  • What are major trends and driving forces affecting rural regions?
  • At which scales do they operate?
  • Which of these processes are amenable to change through RD policies and where? i.e. where EU support for rural development will create the most value added at EU level?
  • How rural policies might be adapted in the future to take account of these processes?
  • Contact

    Dr. ir. Marta Pérez-Soba
    Alterra - Wageningen University & Research Centre
    Wageningen, The Netherlands
    Phone: +31 317 474787